June 10, 2010

We all need good reminders

It's been a good week. I've pared down my clothing collection by about 40%. Things I hardly wear or don't wear at all anymore have gone to Goodwill. I've reduced my DVD collection by 50%. I've also reduced the space they consume by putting them all in a CD wallet made for the car. I've posted some of my more valuable items on Craigslist and am already receiving interest to purchase them. I've been inspired greatly by fellow minimalist bloggers, and they're right...it's a process. Any time I even think about getting discouraged I just read a few blogs, remind myself of why I'm taking this step, and get right back on track. I don't want my life to be largely highlighted by how much crap I managed to buy. Wanting to do something transcendent and reflective of my values is my biggest motivation. However, we are all different. There's a good chance your biggest motivation is different too.

I'm also trying to put some thought time into the future. What do I want to do after my big debt payoff plan? I meet a lot of people who tell me they have their own company. They always explain what they do in very vague terms. It makes me think they're struggling and really have nothing going on. Maybe I'm being unnecessarily negative and doubtful. I need to remind myself that we live in a world of abundance -- even in spite of this down economy. I like the idea of creating something unique. I also like the idea of helping people. I hope that I can integrate these two things into whatever I end up doing.

Happy Friday!

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